WWW94: writing documents for paper and WWW

presented by bertrand rousseau and mario ruggier, CERN, switzerland
because of the dramatic growth of the web, it becomes more and more desirable to write documents in such a way, that they can either be printed or made available on the web without extra work.

this paper presented a solution based on FrameMaker and a configurable translator called "WebMaker", written by the authors.

WebMaker was designed to meet the following user requirements:

the conversion process is similar to the one of fm2html described in the previous paper. because the WebMaker is configurable, the actual conversion has to be defined using the WebMaker configuration language. it allows to define rules for:

the authors have setup a set of rules to increase maintainability of the documents and to make them more translatable. these rules include:

i have no link information for this paper on the web.
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